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            Invited Talks at National and International Meetings


1.   ``Monte Carlo Path Integrals for the Nuclear Shell Model, '' Computational Physics `91     Conference, San Jose CA, April 1991.

2. ``The Fate of &Be in the Sun,'' Workshop on the Atomic/Nuclear Frontier (sponsored by DAMOP) Reno, Nevada, May 16, 1993.

3.  ``Finite boson mappings of fermion systems,'' International Conference  on Perspectives for the Interacting Boson Model, Padua, Italy, June 1994.

4. ``Orderly spectra from random interactions,'' XXII Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Oaxtepec, Mexico, January 1999.

5. ``Random matrices in nuclear stucture,'' International Workshop on Advances in the Nuclear Shell Model, Trento, Italy, June 1999.

6. ``Order from Chaos in the Shell Model,'' Tenth International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topic, Santa Fe, September 1999.

7. ``Random matrix calculations of level densities and strength functions,'' International Workshop on Nuclear Level Densities, Livemore, October 1999.

8. ``Pairing from random interactions,''  Shell Model 2000, RIKEN, Japan, March 2000.

9. ``Order from Chaos in the Nuclear Shell Model,'' APS Spring Meeting, Long Beach CA, April 2000.

10.  "Collectivity, Chaos, and Computing," Computational and Group Theoretical Methods in Nuclear Physics, Playa del Carmen, Mexico Feburary 2003.

11. “Order from randomness in quantum many-body systems,” 2nd Meeting of the University of Alberta Theoretical Physics Institute, Banff, Canada, August 2003.

12. “Shorcuts to Nuclear Structures: Lessons and Applications of Hartree-Fock and RPA,” Blueprints for the Nucleus Conference, Feza Gürsey Institute, İstanbul, Turkey, 2005.

13. “The nuclear density of states and the role of the residual interaction,” Perspectives for Nuclear Data for the Next Decade, CEA DIF Bruyeres-le-Chatel, France, September 2005.

14. “Random interactions and collective motion,” XXIX Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Cocoyoc, Mexico, January 2006.

15. “Hartree-Fock, RPA, and Beyond,” International Conference  on Correlations Beyond the Mean-Field, European Centre for Theoretical Studies, Trento, Italy, June 2007.

16. "How approximate is the random phase approximation? Comparing RPA against full configuration-interaction calculations," Multidisciplinary Workshop on the Random Phase Approximation, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Jan 26-29,2010

17. "Making Effective Interactions More Effective," Joint NSCL-EFES Workshop on Perspectives on the Modern Shell Model, Michigan State University,  Feb 4-6 2010.


            Departmental Colloquia


1. “Adventures in the Many-body problem,''New Mexico State University, Jan 1993.

2.  “Adventures in the Many-body problem,''  University of Arizona, September 1993.

3.  “Adventures in the Many-body problem,'' Notre Dame, February 1994.

4.  “Neutrinos in the Universe,'' Louisiana State University, March 1995.

5.  “Order Out of Chaos in Atomic Nuclei,'' San Diego State University, Feb, 2001.

6.  “Boing! Boing! The bouncing nucleus,” CSU Los Angeles, April 2004.

7. "Add, multiply, divide, and conquer," SDSU Computational Sciences Colloquium, Sept 2010



            Other Talks

1. ``Supernova contributions to the Mo-Tc experiment,'' Caltech, August 1988.

2.  ``Supernova contributions to the Mo-Tc experiment,"  Los Alamos, October 1988.

3.   ``Geochemical integration of the galactic neutrino flux from stellar collapses,'' 

APS DNP meeting Santa Fe, October 1988.

4.    ``A Full 4hw Calculation of 16O and Gamow-Teller strengths'' UCLA, Feb 1990.

5. ``Mining for Supernova Neutrinos, '' University of Wisconsin, October 1990.

6.  ``Weak interaction rates in  16O ''  APS DNP meeting Urbana-Champaign, Oct 1990.

7.    ``A Full 4hw Calculation of 16O ,''  MIT, Feburary 1991.

8.   ``Electro-integration of the deuteron,''  MIT-Bates Lab, February 1991.

9.  ``Electro-integration of the deuteron,''  APS DNP meeting East Lansing, Oct 1991.

10.  ``Fate of 7Be in the Sun,''   Michigan State University, January 1992.

11.  ``Monte Carlo Path Integrals for the Nuclear Shell Model,'' University of Frankfurt, June 1992.

12.  ``Monte Carlo Path Integrals for the Nuclear Shell Model,'' Niels Bohr Institute, June 1992.

13.  ``Monte Carlo Path Integrals for the Nuclear Shell Model,''University of Munster, June 1992.

14.  ``Fate of 7Be  in the Sun,'' International Conference on Nuclei in the Cosmos, Karlsruhe Germany, July 1992.

15.  ``Monte Carlo Path Integrals for the Nuclear Shell Model,'' University of Washington, September 1992.

16. ``Monte Carlo Path Integrals for the Nuclear Shell Model,'' CEBAF, Dec 1992.

17.   ``Optimal Paths for Response Functions,'' APS Washington Meeting, April 1993.

18.  ``Exact Fermion-pair-to-boson mapping,'' Caltech, June 1993.

19.  ``Monte Carlo methods for the many-body problem,'' Florida State University, August 1993.

20.   ``Mean fields for fermion pairs,'' Workshop on High Spins and Novel Deformations, Trento, Italy, December 1993.

21. ``Exact fermion-pair to boson mapping,'' Michigan State University, February 1994.

22. ``Spin-offs (boson mappings) from the AFMC project,'' Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods for the Nuclear Shell Model, Trento,  Italy March 1994.

23. ``Frontiers in nuclear many-body physics,'' Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, May 1994.

24. ``Boson mappings and related topics,'' Michigan State University,  August 1994.

25. ``Neutrinos in the Universe,'' TRIUMF, October 1995.

26. ``Random matrix theory of effective interactions,'' International Conference on

Microscopic Many-body Methods, European Centre for Theoretical Studies, Trento, Italy, May 1997.

27. ``Random matrix theory of effective interactions,'' Los Alamos National Lab, July 1997.

28. ``Random matrix theory of effective interactions,'' APS DNP Fall meeting,

Whistler BC, October 1997.

29. ``Order out of chaos in the shell model,'' Institute for Nuclear Theory,

Seattle, Washington, December 1997.

30.  ``Orderly spectra from random interactions,''APS DNP meeting, Santa Fe, Oct1998.

31.  ``Orderly spectra from random interaction,''  APS Centenial Meeting, Atlanta, March 1999.

32.   ``Orderly spectra from random interaction,''  Workshop on Algebraic

Methods in Many-body systems, Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle, March 1999.

33. ``Random matrix calculations of strength functions,'' Workshop on Low-energy Neutrino Physics, Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle, July 1999.

34. ``Orderly spectra from random interaction,'' Theory Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, September 1999.


35. ``Order from chaos in nuclei: recent developments,'' T-16,  Los Alamos National Lab, February 2001.

36. ``Order out of Chaos in the Nuclear Shell Model,'' Triangle Universities Nuclear Physics Seminar, November 2001.

37.  ``Statistical models of nuclear level densities,'' APS DNP Meeting, East Lansing, October 2002.

38. ``How to weigh a neutrino,'' Astronomy/Physics seminar, San Diego State, Nov 2002.

39. ''New and improved nuclear physics for nuclear astrophysics,'' Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences, UCSD, April 2003.

40. “Order from random interactions: review and prospects,” International Workshop on Recent Advances in the Nuclear Shell Model, ECT*, Trento, Italy, June 2003.

41.  “Boing! Boing! The bouncing nucleus,” Physics colloquium, San Diego State, Oct 2003.

42. “Microscopic modeling of nuclear level densities using spectral distribution theory,” 2004 SSSA Program Symposium, Albuquerque, March 2004.

42. “Microscopic modeling of nuclear level densities using spectral distribution theory,” T-16 seminar, Los Alamos National Lab, March 2004.

43. “Microscopic modeling of nuclear level densities using spectral distribution theory,” Nuclear Theory and Modeling seminar, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, June 2004.

44. “Gamow-Teller transitions and deformation in RPA,” APS DNP meeting, Chicago, October 2004.

45. “Nuclear level densities from spectral distribution theory,” APS DNP meeting, Chicago, October 2004.

46. “RPA and the shell model,” Institute for Nuclear Theory, U. Washington,  November 2004.

47. “Recent developments in shell model-based calculations of nuclear level densities,” Lawrence Livermore National Lab, June, 2005.

48. “Microscopic modeling of nuclear level densities using spectral distribution theory: recent developments,” 2005 SSAA Program Symposium, Las Vegas NV, August 2005.

49. “Hacking the atomic nucleus,” SDSU Computational Science Colloquium, April 2006.

50. “Archimedes Goes Nuclear,” SDSU Physics Colloquium, November 2006.

51. “Divide and Conquer: New Ideas for Shell Model Algorithms,” Lawrence Livermore National Lab, July 2007.

52. “Moment methods and the nuclear level density,” CNR*07, Fish Camp CA, October 2007.

53. “Cold fermion gases as a test of many-body theories,”  UNDEF Annual Meeting, Pack Forest, WA, June 2008.

54. “Moment methods for modeling nuclear level densities,” SNP 2008, Athens, OH, June 2008.

55. “Cold fermion gases as a test of many-body theories,” JUSTIPEN-EFES-Hokudai-UNEDF workshop, Onuma Park, Japan, July 2008.

56. “Cold gases and cartoon nuclei,” NPAC forum, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, Sept. 2008.

57. "What can cold atomic gases teach us about nuclear structure?" APS DNP Oakland, Oct 2008.

58. "Computational needs for double-beta decay calculations," Workshop on Exascale Computing for Nuclear Physics, Gaithersburg MD, Jan 2009.

59. "Shell-model CI codes and applications," UNEDF Annual Meeting, Pack Forest, WA June 2009.

60. "Model-space truncation in shell-model fits," Joint APS/ JPS Hawaii, Oct 2009.

61. "Making effective interactions more effective," UNEDF Annual Meeting, MSU, June 2010

62. "Making effective interactions more effective," APS DNP meeting, Sante Fe, Nov 2010.

63. "Add, multiply, divide, and conquer," UCSD Quantum Chemistry Seminar, Oct 2010

64. "Factorization algorithms for configuration-interaction,"  Perspectives on the no-core shell model, TRIUMF, Feb 2011.

65. "Cold atomic gases and effective interactions," Benchmarking the many-body problem, Institute for Nuclear Theory/University of Washington, March 2011.

66.  "Shell-model Fermi gas calculations of level densities," 3rd Workshop on Level Density and Gamma Strength, Oslo, May 2011

67. "Progress in the BIGSTICK shell-model code", UNEDF annual meeting, June 2011

68. "Random matrices, symmetries, and many-body states," APS DNP meeting, East Lansing, Oct 2011.

69. "The Origin of Nuclear Spin," Iowa State University, Dec 2011.

70. "How to Save Terabyes of Memory," Workshop on the No-Core Shell Model, TRIUMF, Feb 2012.

71. "The Origin of Order in Random Matrices with Symmetries," Beauty in Physics, Cocoyoc, Mexico, May 2012.

72. "Exploring Mean-Field Calculations of the Nuclear Density of States," Theory Seminar, Los Alamos National Lab, 21 August 2012.

73. "Random interactions, random matrices, and emergent symmetries," Workshop in Honor of George Bertsch's 70th Birthday, September 2012, Seattle WA.

74. "The Origin of Nuclear (Not Nucleon) Spin," TRIUMF theory seminar, September 11, 2012, TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada.

75. "Big Calculations in Little Boxes: the BIGSTICK shell-model code," September 26, 2012, INT program on "Light Nuclei from First Principles."

76. "The Origin of Order in Random Matrices with Symmetries," APS DNP meeting Newport Beach, CA, Oct 25, 2012.

77. "Beyond Noether's Theorem: What Happens when Randomness Meets Symmetry," TU Darmstadt Nuclear Theory Seminar, July 11, 2013.

78. "Almost Universal Behavior in Many-Body Hamiltonians," APS DNP Meeting, Newport News VA, Oct 25, 2013.

79.  "Randomness, Symmetries, and Regularities in Many-body Systems," 2nd CUSTIPEN Workshop, Peking University, December 2013.

80.  "Factorization Algorithms for Large-Scale Many-body Calculations," Peking University Nuclear Theory Seminar, December 2013.

81.  "The Origin of Nuclear Spin," Shanghai Jiao Tong University Nuclear Theory Seminar, December 2013.

82: "Spin-orbit decomposition of ab initio nuclear wavefunctions," Workshop on Nuclear Structure & Reactions," TRIUMF, February 2014.

83: "Factorization Algorithms for Large-Scale Many-body Calculations," ICNT Workshop "Physics of Exotic Nuclei," RIKEN Wako Campus, June 2014.

84. "Random matrices, point-group symmetries, and many-body systems," Advanced many-body and statistical methods in mesoscopic systems II, Brasov, Romania, September 2014.

85. "Update on BIGSTICK progress," CalLat collaboration meeting, Asilomar CA, October 2014.

85. "Spin-orbit decomposition of ab initio nuclei," APS DNP meeting, Waikiloa, HI, October 2014.

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91. "Strength functions in the shell model," Institute for Modern Physics-CUSTIPEN workshop on "Properties of exotic nuclei and asymmetric nuclear matter," IMP, Lanzhou, Aug 8-12 2015.

92.  "Large scale configuration-interaction calculations for nuclear structure," Workshop on Computational Advances in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics, Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Kyoto, October 2015.

93. "Strength function sum rules and the Brink-Axel hypothesis," APS DNP meeting, Santa Fe, October 2015.

94. "Spectral distribution theory and the evolution of forces under the similarity renormalization group," Workshop on progress on ab initio nuclear theory, TRIUMF, February 2016.

95. "Systematics of strength functions and the Brink-Axel hypothesis," Workshop on Statistical properties of nuclei, ECT*, Trento, Italy, July 2016.