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Lecture notes on the nuclear shell model and related topics

   Here is a selection of lectures on nuclear structure physics, especially the interacting shell model, and related topics. All of these were easily found by searching, but I have collected them for convenience. If any links get broken, let me know.

   Notes on scattering.  (Not really shell-model, but useful.)

Last updated: June 26, 2017

   Plus sample scattering code (also in progress)   

    Nuclear "boot camp" self-tutorial. Note: needs to be done in conjunction with an assigned text or set of texts; see your mentor.

Last updated: May 13, 2016.

My own introduction to the shell model at TRIUMF’s summer nuclear institute (2002)

  Lecture 1  The noninteracting shell model
  Lecture 2  The interacting shell model
  Lecture 3   Transitions
  Lecture 4   Astrophysics
Also (briefly)  Homework   and Solutions

My lectures on the shell model for TALENT course at the ECT*, Trento (2012)

     Many-body Schrodinger equation as matrix equation & intro to 2nd quantization

     Solving matrix eigenvalue equations

     Computing many-body matrix elements in 2nd quantization

     Ab initio nuclear forces

     Effective interactions and advanced topics in the shell model


    HOMEWORK to create your own shell model code!

Introductory lecture on overview of shell model calculations

Introductory lecture notes to shell model (Poves)

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Another introduction to the shell model and its computation (Poves)

Overview of the ab initio nuclear structure problem (Papenbrock)

Ab initio methods in brief and traditional shell model (Papenbrock)

Alex Brown’s lecture notes on the shell model (quite detailed)

Basics of shell model codes (Mizusaki)

Introduction to the shell model (Volya)