PHYSICS 580                                                                                                 Spring 2005


Fortran Example #5                                                      due 9 a.m. Wednesday Feb 23, 2005





Write a short program that print out an angle (in degrees) and the sine of the angle. Loop over some set of angles (the range is not important).  Format the output so that it is in neat columns. Also include in the format “ Angle =” and “ sine(angle) = “ so that the output looks like

For angle  10 degrees the sine is 0.2111  

For angle  20 degrees the sine is 0.2344

For angle  30 degrees the sine is 0.2702





The exact formatting is not important, but it should look neat.  You must use a format statement. The output should be written to the screen (unit 6).









Extra Fortran Practive (do NOT turn in)


Opening and closing files


Write a program to do the following:

(a) Ask for the name (e.g. filename) of a file

(b) Open a file filename.exm    (that is the user supplies filename and the program adds the suffix .exm)

(c) Read three integers there.

(d) Close filename.exm and open a new file

(e) Add the three integers, write to, and close it.


Try your program by creating using an editor the original file filename.exm.


You may “borrow” code from my example 23.