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The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers. -- R. Hamming

Location: P-149   MWF 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm


Instructor: Dr. Calvin Johnson

Office: P-135

Phone:  594-1284

e-mail: cjohnson at sdsu dot edu


Office hours:  MTuW 11-11:50 am

(note: I am generally available in my office MWF and am happy to  schedule appointments if you want to be sure to find me.)


Grading policy


General advice for students (getting letters of rec, office hours, etc.)

IMPORTANT: You will NEED to know how to program in either Fortran or C—this is NOT a course on beginning programming. (For that please take PHYS 317 or COMP 526).


However, you can teach yourself. You can use any textbook on Fortran, such as Structured Fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists, 5th edition, Delores M. Etter, or these postscript notes on Fortran by Clive Page of the University of Leicester, or any of these resources

 Fortran 90 tutorial from Stanford

Fortran 90 introduction

Advanced Fortran 90

A list of Fortran tutorials

Hints on installing Fortran and other tools on Macs


Demo algorithms

A recommended paper on "good enough" practices in scientific computing


Recommended resource books on COMPUTATIONAL physics:

* Numerical Recipes (in Fortran, also in C), Press et al

Fortran version available on-line here

(AVAILABLE on 24-hr reserve in Love Library)

* Computational Physics, Koonin and Meredith

* Numerical Methods for Physics, A. Garcia

* A First Course in Computational Physics, P. DeVries

* Introduction to Computational Physics, T. Pang

* Computational Physics, J. M. Thijssen