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    Science fiction and the human condition


     March 11, 2015: My paper, "Spin-orbit decomposition of ab initio nuclear wavefunctions" has been published: Phys. Rev. C 91, 034313 (2015)

     November 5, 2014: I have a science fiction appearing in the December issue of ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION AND FACT.  You can read a sample of it here.

     August 18, 2014: I have started a blog, for posting essays on science, science fiction, and related topics.

     August 7, 2014: Micah Schuster (Ph.D student) wins award for best     summer student research poster at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. He also won the past two years.

Recent publications

    "Spin-orbit decomposition of ab initio nuclear wavefunctions" C. W. Johnson  Phys. Rev. C 91, 034313 (2015)

    "Isoscalar and isovector pairing in a formalism of quartets," M. Sambataro, N. Sandulescu, and C. W. Johnson, Phys. Lett B 740, 137 (2015).

       "Testing the spin-cutoff parameterization with shell-model calculations," W. M. Spinella and C. W. Johnson, Phys. Rev. C 90, 014315 (2014), see also arXiv:1304.7746

        "Operator evolution for ab initio theory of light nuclei" M. D. Schuster,  S. Quaglioni, C. W. Johnson, E. D. Jurgenson, and P. Navratil, Phys. Rev. C 90,  011301(R) (2014), see also arXiv:1402:7106

    "Factorization in large-scale many-body calculations," C. W. Johnson, W. E. Ormand, and P. G. Krastev, Comp. Phys. Comm. 184, 2761-2774 (2013), see also arXiv:1303:0905    This paper describes the algorithms underlying the BIGSTICK shell-model code, at the heart of much of our research.

   Other recent writing

        "Lives of the Elementary Particles" (fiction)

        "What the Higgs Boson Means to Me" (poetry)