1.        “Laserfest 2010 (Strangers in the Night),” (co-creator) Laserfest Grand Prize winner, available on YouTube, 2010. 

2.        “Wave Pendulum,” a short video demonstration of 15 oscillators of varying period.  Available on YouTube, 2009.

3.        “Fire Extinguisher Rocket,” a short video demonstration of momentum conservation using a fire extinguisher and a skateboard.  Available on YouTube, 2009.

4.        “The DiVincenzo Code,” (director) a humorous quantum computing science fiction movie.  Filmed at Oxford University, available on YouTube, 2008.

5.        “White light generation in water using ultrashort, near-infrared laser pulses,” M. E. Anderson, After Image Photograph, Optics and Photonics News (August, 1996).