Physics 406

Fall 2010




Instructor:          Dr. Matt Anderson

Office:                  P140

Office Hours: Monday 1-2, Thursday 1-2 (I am also available for appointments by e-mail.)

E-mail:                 matt@sciences.sdsu.edu


Class times:       Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 AM – 10:45 PM, room P149

Textbook:          Optics, 4th edition, Hecht.


Topics:                  Chapters 1-10 of Hecht.


Grading:               100 pts. Total

Homework: 10 pts.

                                    Two midterms: 20 pts. each

                                    Paper based on team project: 20 pts.

                                    Final exam: 30 pts. (Thursday, Dec 16, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM)


Team project:

                  Transmitting an infrared laser beam through free space for communication and monitoring atmospheric absorption.


Student learning:

Student learning will be assessed via the following special topics:

                                    Lens matrix formalism

                                    Jones calculus

                                    Team project