Poster describing 2013 sdsu outreach about black holes.

2013 SDSU Physics Outreach Program: “Journey to a Black Hole”

Poster describing the life and science of Albert Einstein.

SDSU Outreach: Public Lecture Poster: “The life and Science of Albert Einstein”

Astrophysics provides a natural avenue for science education since most students are deeply touched by natural wonders of the sky and the Universe. Dr. Weber is stimulating this interest by presenting multimedia lectures on the birth and evolution of stars, black holes, the universe to elementary, middle and high school students and teachers in San Diego County since 2005.

Together with students and teachers from Granger Junior High School in National City, Dr. Weber build a very simple but functioning cloud chamber capable to detect atmospheric muons. The functioning cloud chamber was presented to the general public at the second San Diego Science Festival, held on 27 April 2010.  For more information on SDSU outreach, contact the department office.